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Being stuck in financial instabilities can dim your hopes of a happy future. The Bankruptcy attorneys in New York at the Law Office of William W. Waldner can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls to bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy can be crippling, you can still get out of it with the help of a New York bankruptcy attorney. One of the first changes you may have to make is your general perception of money.

Changing how you view money depends on three things:

  • Find your values
  • Consciously sticking to those values
  • Focusing on what matters

Find Your Values

Discovering what you value can change your perception of money. According to financial experts, there are four ways to view money:

  • The money avoider sees money as the root of all evil and blames the rich for tipping the scales of financial equality.
  • The money worshipper believes that money rules everything and having more makes you happy
  • The money idol determines their self-worth with how much they make
  • The money vigilante believes in frugality, financial secrecy, and fears not having enough in case of emergencies

People can overcome these fears by discovering and setting their inner values. Start by writing a list of everything you value in life. Narrow this list down to five or seven words that represent your true values.

Tapping into your inner motivations can change your perception of money. You start seeing money, not as the end product, but a tool for achieving your goals and happiness.

Reset Your Choices

Many people rarely choose the values they want, but those that society applauds. In the end, they end up slipping deeper into bankruptcy by spending money to please others and to be accepted by society.

Reevaluating your true happiness will influence how you spend your money. Stick to your defined values to prevent you from impulse spending. This kind of discipline can help you save money that you can use on more important things.

Spend Money on What Matters

Consider spending money on experiences rather than material things. Experiences teach you, but some material possessions can make you go broke. Other tips to avoid bankruptcy include:

  • Delay consumption
  • Be aware of how our spending habits affect others
  • Avoiding warranty extension or spending on overpriced insurance
  • Spend on several tiny pleasures instead of a few big ones
  • Consider the happiness of others

Why Do You Need An NYC Bankruptcy Attorney?

As you get your spending habits in check, you also have to take care of your financial problems. A New York bankruptcy lawyer can help you file for bankruptcy in New York.

Filing for bankruptcy takes away some of the financial pressure of dealing with creditors. New York bankruptcy lawyers will help you take the edge off by:

  • Helping you file bankruptcy forms
  • Preparing you for a bankruptcy hearing
  • Representing you in a bankruptcy case
  • Handling legal action by creditors after your hearing
  • Advise you on how to build your credit-score post-bankruptcy

It is possible to avoid bankruptcy by changing your perception of money. Once you have your spending in check, find a reputable NY bankruptcy law firm to help you file for bankruptcy. Contact us at (212) 244-2882/ for a free bankruptcy consultation. You may also get in touch by email: or on our website:



Bankruptcy Attorneys New York