Estate Planning Lawyer

Finding an affordable estate planning lawyer is not always easy. In Kamloops, Lisa Denham Law Office offers affordable and reliable estate planning services that bring exceptional peace of mind to their clients. If you’ve been thinking about planning for your financial future, don’t delay, there’s a lot at stake for your loved ones.


Planning for your financial future is common terminology that really means planning for your loved ones’ futures. An estate planning lawyer can provide professional advice and assistance in making sure your family and loved ones are protected and taken care of after you’re gone. While it’s human nature to want to put off thinking about estate planning until some distant future, it’s not a practical way to approach the situation.


If you have a dependent partner and children, it’s essential that you plan for their well-being in the event that something happens to you and you are no longer able to provide for them. Estate planning is a smart choice when handled by a lawyer since it can help you to pass on more of your estate at less of a cost to your loved ones. Lisa Denham Law Office specializes in a variety of solutions for financial planning, including:


Last Will and Testament Documents


Unless you communicate your final wishes through a legal document that is signed and notarized, the distribution of your estate may not take place in the way that you had hoped it would. Your will dictates who will be the executor of your estate, beneficiaries of your possessions and assets, and guardians of children.


Enduring Power of Attorney


Empowering an attorney with an Enduring Power of Attorney can ensure that a person of your choosing will take care of your legal matters if you are mentally or physically unable to do so. There are several scenarios where this action can be considered the best interest of all parties involved.


Representation Agreement


The Representation Agreement includes the essential document referred to as the Advanced Directive for Healthcare, which includes the person in question’s answers to a series of questions regarding what will happen to them, should they become vegetative in their state of health. This will include the names of the person or persons who will be responsible for making medical decisions for you, along with when and how your proxies should be empowered to make decisions.


A Representation Agreement will address quality of life issues, pain control, nursing home options, financial limits on terminal care, disposition of your remains, and perhaps most importantly, life-ending decisions that will dictate the terms of which situations warrant the ending of your life.


Should you require an estate planning lawyer in the Kamloops region, feel free to schedule a meeting with Lisa Denham by calling 250-828-2846 for the creation of a will or for more in-depth estate planning services. For more information, click on the ‘Lawyer Services’ link at the top of the home page and select Estate Planning & Wills from the drop down menu.