Vacation Home Insurance Law FL

Vacation Home Insurance Law FL

Buying investment property in FL like a vacation home can be a great investment with loads of benefits when properly covered by the right insurance. The thing with getting insurance coverage for a vacation home is that most insurance companies see such property as high-risk investments because of the number of times that it is occupied.

Then again, Florida has peculiarities that affect the kind of vacation home policy that is available to you. If you are looking to stay on the right side of the Florida property and real estate laws when getting vacation home insurance in Florida, here are some things to consider.


Certain factors are peculiar to Florida that you won’t find in other locations. So you'd need to consider things like hurricane coverage because hurricanes are an issue in Florida and it would affect your vacation home in Florida.

Another thing to consider is how far you need to travel to access the vacation home. The reason is that there might be situations when you’d need to monitor the vacation home.

Type of Property

What kind of property is the vacation home. Is the home in question a condominium or regular single-family home? Property management laws in Florida allow the type of property to affect the cost of insurance for your vacation home.

So for instance what you will pay to insure a single-family home would cost more than you would for a condo.


You have the opportunity to make some money off the side from your vacation home. All you'd need to do is to rent out the vacation home when you are not using it. You’d have to get a Landlord Insurance policy as your part of the rights and duties of tenants and landlords stipulated by the real estate laws in Florida.

You could take a long-term or short-term rental insurance policy depending on how long you intend to put your vacation home up for rent.

You must get the right coverage for your vacation home will save you from certain losses from uninsured events like bodily injury, liability, and medical payments.

Getting Vacation Home Insurance

If you want to enjoy real estate asset protection in Florida then you’d need to consult a seasoned attorney that has insightful information about vacation home insurance law in FL. Such an attorney will walk you through handling legal matters like documents, agreements, waivers, releases so that you can steer clear of any penalties or violations.

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Vacation Home Insurance Law FL
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Vacation Home Insurance Law FL
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