12 Bankruptcy Facts and Myths You Need to Know

The debt has been piling up for too long and it's time to take the weight off your shoulders. However, bankruptcy isn't quite as simple as dusting off your hands and walking away. You need an experienced bankruptcy attorney to ensure that the paperwork is handled properly and to help you get on the path for a more prosperous future.

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Bankruptcy for Debt Relief

You're drowning in your debt. You don't want to check your mailbox because it's stuffed full of past-due notices. You don't want to answer unknown numbers because you know it will be a creditor hassling you again.


Before you cash in your 401(k) to get everyone off your back, give us a call. We can help you explore your bankruptcy options in Omaha, Nebraska and learn about whether you qualify for bankruptcy. 

Don't destroy your future trying to salvage your present. Filing for bankruptcy can discharge most if not all of your debts, or it can help you find a manageable way to pay them off.

Some people avoid bankruptcy like the plague because they don't understand it. Bankruptcy can be a viable way to discharge your debts and start anew.


Compassionate Service 

We understand that you've been struggling financially for quite some time to reach this point. We're here to help you get a clean slate and look to a new future, not to judge you for past mistakes or hardships. 

Experience You Can Count On

Things are hard enough right now and wrapping your head around which chapter of bankruptcy fits your situation best or what paperwork you need is overwhelming. We make it easy for you.

We'll evaluate your situation and advise you on which chapter to file for. We'll draw up the papers and clearly explain, in simple terms, what you need to know and how the process works.

Relief from Creditor Harassment

Through our services, you can finally find relief from those creditors who are hassling you. Once you file for bankruptcy, the calls stop and you can go about rebuilding your finances in peace.


Benefits of Bankruptcy

Through our bankruptcy attorney services we can help you:

  • Discharge certain debts
  • Avoid foreclosure
  • Protect your retirement assets
  • Avoid wage garnishment or repossession
  • Finally, rest at ease with no more creditors calling

Ready to Find Relief?

Sleepless nights, financial stress, mounting debts with interest piling up will all go away once you file for bankruptcy. However, we know it's not an easy choice. 

We'll walk you through how bankruptcy works in Nebraska and how it will affect your credit. We'll also give you a few tips to start rebuilding your credit and work toward creating a more fruitful financial future.

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