6 Steps after a Slip & Fall Accident

According to the CDC, over one million Americans suffer a slip and fall injury annually. As a result, more than 17,000 deaths are recorded under this personal injury type. The CDC categorizes slip and fall accidents into two basic types:

  • Same-level Falls
  • Elevated Falls

While same-level fall is the most common type and causes the most personal injuries, elevated falls cause more serious injuries and usually lead to a more serious case.

REMEMBER: If you or someone you know has been injured in a slip and fall accident, the steps you need to take after the incident are crucial to building the best possible legal defense in your favor.

Here are the six important steps you need to take immediately after suffering a slip and fall injury.

1.   Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

Anyone who has just suffered a slip and fall injury should prioritize their health first and seek medical treatment right away. Whether you have been hurt or not, it is vital to seek medical assistance and see a doctor for diagnosing any internal or external injury almost immediately. Otherwise, it can become a severe medical emergency. Furthermore, the medical records shall be taken as an essential piece of evidence if you require compensation for your slip and fall injury.

2.   Report and Recount

It doesn’t matter where the slip and fall accident happened. It is important to recount it to the authorized personnel at the location. It is vital to mention every detail, and if you can, capture the surrounding area through your phone and take pictures of your injuries to be used as evidence. It matters a great deal in legal proceedings if you have a written and detailed physical report of your slip and fall accident.

3.   Collect Every Bit of Information

Make sure to collect as much information as possible.  From names and contact details of bystanders, authorized personnel, or the general public at the sidewalk, make sure you have information about every person who could speak on your behalf and testify as a witness to your slip and fall accident.

4.   Keep Your Calm

Understandably, it might not be easy to keep calm in a situation like this, but it plays a significant role. If you talk unnecessarily, create a scene or talk too much with any authorized personnel like a manager or landlord, you may drive the case against your favor. It is best to take the necessary information and seek medical and legal help before making a statement that shifts blame towards you or assigns the blame onto the third party.

5.   Don’t Take the Law in Your Hand

Legal matters are better sorted under professional supervision and guidance. Do not take the law into your own hands by lashing out or documenting the whole scene just to post on social media. This will not shift the blame legally onto you, but you won’t be compensated for your injuries sustained if you go that route.

6.   Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

The best solution is to hire an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer. Not only will a personal injury lawyer help you get fair compensation, but they will fully back you up, represent you in proceedings, and communicate on your behalf. Furthermore, the third party involved may bring out their lawyer. Hence, it is important that you also have a professional personal injury lawyer fight for you.

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