6 Ways to Get Out of a Trapped Car After an Accident

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for these suggestions. We do not endorse anyone to try these suggestions. We highly recommend you wait in your vehicle for emergency first responders. If you have no other choice, then these tips may be helpful.

Being in an accident and trapped inside your vehicle can be a traumatic experience. When trapped, the ways to get out of your car will vary, depending on whether you are on dry land or immersed in deep water.

Knowing what to do in either situation will help you free yourself and possibly save your or another person’s life. Remember, the calmer you can be, the easier it will be to escape.

Don't Panic

The first step to recovering from the situation is to keep your cool. Fear and panic in these situations usually only make things worse. Take a quick assessment of your health. Ask yourself, “Am I bleeding? Where am I hurting?” If nothing seems urgent, take a few seconds to breathe deeply and clear your mind to control your nerves. Tell yourself you are ok, and everything is going to be ok.

Keep Phone Handy

Keeping your phone charged and handy can help you reach out for help in almost any emergency except when you have no service around. Most new phones are waterproof and have a speed dial option for you to immediately reach out to anybody you want to when met with an endangered situation. Immediately call 911 before you start trying to get out of the car.

Get a Bystander To Help

Try to get the attention of the bystanders around so you may receive immediate help until professionals arrive. You may do so by honking, banging on the window, or yelling out to them. Most likely, the car accident itself caught the attention of the people around. In situations where there was no one around when the accident took place, you can do one of the things mentioned above to attract attention.

If you are trapped after a car accident, pen and paper can also help when trapped inside a car on land; you may ask for help on the paper if you feel faintish.

Check All Doors

Even if you are submerged in water, try your best to keep calm and reach out for all the doors and windows to check if any opens so that you may escape. If you are in water, you have roughly 30 to 120 seconds to escape, as that's how long the car will take to fully submerge. Don't forget to check the trunk if your car has access to it from within. Regardless of where the car accident happened, the first action to get out is to unbuckle your seatbelt. You should remove anything that may hold you back from getting out, such as your jacket in case of swimming.


Break the Glass

If you are in a trapped car on land, try to roll down your window as much as possible for better air circulation. This is only if the car's system is manual or before the power runs out of the car. In the case of submersion, do not force and exert much energy to open the door if you are under water. This will tire you sooner as the pressure outside and inside the car must balance before you can successfully manage to open the door. That's physics. Even if you can open the door, it will speed up the sinking process. Therefore, avoid going for the door and try to break through the side window using any tool or sharp object. Side windows are tempered, which means that they will shatter if hit with a sharp object, helping you escape faster instead of reaching out for the windshield.

Help the Children or Elderly

If you are trapped after a car accident with an elderly person or children, try to get them out first. First and foremost, you must help yourself free to be able to help the other individuals inside the car.

Accidents can be a horrifying experience, especially when you are injured and need to help yourself. Make sure you are familiar with your car's dynamics and know what to do in case of an accident. Keep calm, call for help and try to get yourself out of the trapped vehicle before approaching a professional to repair the damage.

Most importantly, drive safe and stay prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

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